Step 1

Tell Us More About your Business and Target Market

Step 2

Select the Appropriate Business Activity and Location Suited to your Business

Step 3

Understand the Legal Structures’ Options Possible for Licensing of your Business Activity

Step 4

Decide to Set Up in Free Zone or Dubai Mainland

Step 5

Select a Free Zone or Local Sponsor/ Local Service Agent

Step 6

Finalize the Physical Location for your Business Registration

Step 7

Start the Registration Procedure via Regen Corporate Services

Step 8

Complete the Legal Agreements and Requirements

Step 9

Obtain the Trade License

Step 10

Obtain Company Establishment Card

Step 11

Open Company Account in Ministry of Interior

Step 12

Open Company Account in Ministry of Labor

Step 13

Issue Residence Visas

Step 14

Start Trading & Professional Activities

Step 15

Obtain continuous Support from Regen Corporate Services and its Affiliate Companies for your Growth