In Dubai, foreign companies/ individuals can set up an LLC firm in the mainland. But, it is imperative to have a local partner/sponsor (UAE National) that is able to support you whom you can trust. In such case, the business is managed by the foreign companies/individuals and the local partner/sponsor receives annual sponsorship fees for his or her association. It is up to you, that you make a completely informed decision on whether you would want to get associated with the local sponsor or not. Our services help you chose the right sponsor and guide you on the things that are considered as a must when looking for a local sponsor for your business.


Our corporate sponsorship services provide corporate sponsors to an ambitious businessman. We are in touch with many corporates owned by Emirati and GCC nationals. These companies can sponsor your business and you can enjoy many advantages of corporate sponsorship. 


We provide individual Emirati sponsorship services. We have a good understanding with Local Emirati community and a vast experience in Individual sponsorship. We have genuine local sponsors with fair image and supportive nature. This relationship enables a smooth journey in legal proceedings and documentations. We ensure healthy communication between you and your local sponsor.


We have a multiple number of talented and qualified Emirati professionals in different sectors for instance in the fields of health care, finance, accountancy and auditing, engineering to match your business with right service agent. For obtaining a professional license sometimes you need a local service agent with specialized educational background. We have a good number of qualified professionals to give you a perfect suitable support.

The final stage in setting up a business/ company in Dubai is to find a suitable location. Whether it is individual or corporate business, setting up an office is mandatory in Dubai. We support you to find a suitable location for you to set up your own business via our Inhouse Real Estate Brokerage Services Company called M/s Regen real Estate Brokers.

After finding a suitable place for your business, getting EJARI, that is the Tenancy Contract between the Landlords and the Tenants is important. We are expertise in this area and without any complication, we will help you to get your EJARI (Tenancy Contract) as soon as you identify your business location.

Our Business Centres offer you Specially designed packages that include a combination of Office Space, Meeting Rooms, Parking, PRO for Business set up services, Furniture etc. all combined in one Single Package price payable in flexible payment terms such as multiple post-dated cheques extending through the calendar year.

In addition to that through our Regen Real Estate Brokers Sales & Rentals, we lease out office spaces, commercial spaces, retail company spaces, warehouses and industrial spaces as per your business need with all facilities.

Our Business Center also offers Call Answering Services via Digital IVR / Virtual Receptionists for your Company by provide you dedicated landline numbers. Your messages are taken and Calls diverted to your desired number anywhere in the world.

Our goal is to support aspiring Entrepreneurs realize their vision and ambition of succeeding in their start-up business.