Dubai Mainland

Mainland is a highly preferred destination where you can start your own business. Mainland companies are allowed to carry out business without restrictions throughout the UAE and internationally. A local sponsor is no longer needed to get a Dubai mainland license for around 1000 commercial, Professional, and industrial activities

Types of Mainland Licenses and Benefits of Mainland Licenses.

Professional License.

The UAE government requires businesses and entrepreneurs to obtain a professional business trade licence from the Department of Economic Development (DED) before they can be authorised to provide their professional services to clients from the Dubai mainland.

The purpose of professional licensing is to establish that the person or business is qualified to provide services in a certain profession. Issuance of these licences generally requires the applicant to show certain skills or training.

Commercial Trade License.

Mainland companies dealing with buying and selling of goods and commodities, or any kind of trade activities, require a commercial trade licence to operate in the UAE. This business licence can be used to form a limited liability company (LLC) or set up a sole establishment, and it can be used for both specialised trading and general trading activities in the UAE.

There are different types of commercial trade licences in the UAE. If you are navigating the process of company formation, you must apply for the correct type of commercial trade licence that will permit you to carry out trading activities specific to your business.

Industrial Trade License.

Businesses that want to conduct industrial or manufacturing-based activities in the UAE must acquire an industrial trade licence, which will allow them to engage in activities related to converting natural materials or incorporating natural resources into their end products.

Mainland Trade License Benefits.

Benefit of office space – Mainland business can be accomplished anywhere in the country.

Do business anywhere in UAE – You may carry out the business endeavour anywhere in the UAE and there are no restrictions of any kind.

Favourable geographical location – UAE or Dubai serves as the gateway to the middle east.

Corporate tax exemption – Mainland companies can enjoy the benefit of corporate tax exemptions. In many countries, foreign investors are required to pay a considerable amount of money in the name of corporate tax.

Income tax exemptions – Mainland companies are exempted from income tax.

No Currency exchange restrictions – Mainland companies in UAE need not go through currency exchange regulations.

Improved business opportunity – Starting up your business concern in the UAE mainland means that you get international exposure. You have a better reach to international clients and markets

Professional business ethos – Dubai has a professional business culture that gives due consideration to business enterprises of all types and nature. The professional work culture environment makes Dubai the favourite business destination of entrepreneurs, startups and seasoned professionals.




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